21 Reasons Why Playing Quidditch is the Best.

1. You get a whole new group of friends to hang out with

Once you join, you’ll think “is this too geeky?” GIRL. NO. You’re here cause you were curious about what those kids in the quad were doing running around with brooms between their legs. These new friends will make you feel comfortable with this new experience and introduce you to a whole new world with new fantastic point of views.

giphy (1)

2. Everyone is super friendly!

This is the Harry Potter community. Have you ever met a Harry Potter fan who just wasn’t accepting of you or just didn’t have that genuine love for others? NO! (cause we’re all pretty much nice, unless you find a horrible person, then honey, I don’t know) In Quidditch, we are each others best friends because we believe that there is magic in the world, and that honestly is the best kind of friendship around.


3. Quidditch is all about having fun.

Yeah, competing is fun, and winning a match is even better but its always important to have fun when playing with your team!


4. You make friends that are always there for you and watching out for you

Significant other troubles? Don’t worry they got you! Don’t have study buddies? well, now ya do! Don’t want to go to the dinning hall alone? Have no fear, the Quidditch Squad is here!

No matter your problem, Qiudditch kids will always be there for you.


Unless you’re scrimmaging against each other, then don’t take the tackles and beats personally.

5. You learn how to tackle people, which is pretty cool.

Its scary at first, you need to learn to not be afraid. You need expect to be tackled at one point during a practice/tournament. Once you’ve popped your ‘tackled’ cherry you get to learn how to tackle, once you master that, you’ll have the new recruits scared of you.

6. You can take your anger out through a bludger

You’ll have that pesky chaser/keeper screaming for mercy after the see you throwing all your anger into the game.


7. Keeps you in shape.

You may not think so but you’re actually getting a secret workout. Chasers, lots of running. Seekers, lots or rough game play (and running). Snitches, lots of running (and fun). But don’t worry that running pays off.


8. You can compete and meet other quidd-kids from other schools

Not only is it cool to meet other players from different colleges but you get to visit other colleges and have the experience of playing an away game, plus the road trips are always pretty interesting. Considering the stages a road trip goes through.


Pumped up for the adventure you and the team are going on


Hopefully, you all agree to the same kind of music for the van


and there’s always that part of the trip when you pass your other teams van and possibly moon them


after the first hour you slowly slip into a state of boredom you’ve only experienced from that two day car ride to Mexico you had with your family when you were 8


and of course the first pit stop is brought to you by the team member with the bladder the size of an M&M


Then there’s the pit stop where everyone gets some junk food for the road.


That Taco Bell Crunch Wrap didn’t sit too well


In the end, its a memorable trip.

9. You will find other people who geek out at your obscure, yet beloved, fandoms besides Harry Potter. 

That’s right, we’re humans and we have other interests besides Harry Potter. Its always weird to hear one of your teammates say they are majoring in physics or political science or whatever. Its even weirder to hear them say they play League or Dungeons and Dragons. But still, you love and support them in all their weirdness because they do the same for you (example: no one judges my love for Queen Bey because I don’t judge their love for Legend of Zelda) We expose each other to new things and that is one of the best things friends can do for each other.


10. Recruiting!

When recruiting, the team will come up with some very fun and unique ideas. It’s always important to have fun when recruiting and luring new quid kids into the team!



11. The Snitch.

Possibly the best form of entertainment there is

12. Seeking.

Its a bloody difficult job to catch a crazy ass guy,dressed in yellow/gold, while on a broom, and avoiding the bludgers.

You love every second of it, don’t deny it.

13. You might care more about Quidditch than other sports.

For those of you who watch scrimmages online during lecture and keep up with the regional rosters. This one is for you. You never cared much for sports until Quidditch entered your life, who needs the Superbowl when World Cup is coming!

14. Cats

Most Quidditch players love cats. If you love cats, you belong.

15. Weird parties.

You’re in college, this is your time to branch out and let loose at parties (if that’s your thing), if you cant do it now you sure as hell cant do it when you’re 40, with 3 kids, and bills to pay. Better do it now, why not be weird (awesome) and put some Quidditch flare to it?

(cough cough)….. Quidditch beer pong.

16. Telling funny stories from weird parties.

oh they’ll mention the mystery shot dares, the bad dance moves, and the things you said while you were wasted but they do it with love. Also, they will embarrass you on purpose with these stories, just for laughs.

“Remember how you kept shushing people and whispering “don’t tell my pastor” the entire party?”

17. When you finally get your jersey and that’s all the team wears for a week.

There isn’t a better feeling when you and the Quidditch squad roll up to the dinning hall wearing your Quidd swag. Sure, the jersey may be $40-$80 but its totally worth it.

Who can put a price on this?

You can’t put a price tag on this?

18. They will cheer you on, no matter what.

They see you as family, on and off the field. They’ll be there for you in all you do.


19. You can be as weird as you want because all your teammates will still love you.

Yes, you read correctly. Wear your snuggie to team meetings and listen to Booty By Jennifer Lopez ft. Iggy Azalea while you make your afternoon Ramen Noodles………topless.


20.  You’ll be proud to say you’re on your schools Quidditch team.

When you’re wearing your Quidditch hoodie around campus and someone says “i see you guys practice all the time”, ” I was thinking about joining but I might get judged”, “(scoffs) you’re on the Quidditch team?”

Honey, please try not to hide all your jealousy all at once.


21. Memories

You’ll be remembering those times in Quidditch where you made life long friends. You’ll send your kid to college one day in hopes of finding their way to Quidditch (or them finding something that’s close to their heart like Quidditch is to you)



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