About Esmeralda

(NOTE: My about page is constantly being revised and updated, so yeah, there’s a lot more about me you don’t know cause I forget that sometimes I’m kinda interesting to others)

Lemme just say this, you’re awesome for coming and checking out my page. Lets just get this introduction out of the way, I’m 18, currently in my second semester at Southern Illinois University Carbondale.

If I can describe myself in five words:

1. Mexican American

2. Clueless

3. Beyonce

4. Netflix

5. Chicken

These aren’t just people or objects, they’re mostly stuff that crosses my mind at least every hour or so. (yes, if you would read some of my other blog posts you’ll realize how much of a love I have for Beyonce, Chicken, and Netflix)


You should see me when i find out that they’re serving fried chicken at the dinning halls, it gets spiritual.

Some more information about myself:

  • I have a pet turtle named Koopa 
  • I hate the cold I just looked out of my window and saw snow on the ground and a bit of my happiness just shriveled up inside me.
  • I am majoring in Radio, Television, and Digital Media
  • I was in a lot of plays and Musicals in high school. I honestly thought i was gonna be on Broadway one day, that was my dream (laughs for ten years)



  • My favorite color is green. Wanna know why my favorite color is green?
  • I was in a marching band in high school. I played the flag. (color guard joke, calm down)
  • I know all the lyrics to Single Ladies by Beyonce. 
  • I don’t read, I’m not saying I cant read, cause I can, I just don’t like reading like most people do. Lemme tell you something, anytime I try to read a book I fall asleep…. its inevitable, Its gonna happen. So leave me be. I’m 1000% percent sure that I never read a single summer reading book in high school, I just read Sparknotes and I got okay grades in English Literature.
  • I’m messy. You should see my dorm room right now, its disgusting.
  • I went to an all girls catholic high school my freshman-junior year: I did poorly because the curriculum was pretty hard for me also I was being bullied by these four awful girls KYLA, I refer to them as KYLA because the first letter of their names all spell that, I’ve forgiven, but I choose not to keep in contact with these ladies because I’m still trying to recuperate and build up whatever shred of self esteem I still have. (I also choose to not say their names, since all of this is in the past and their actions should not define who they are today)
  • My senior year I attended a public school: My catholic school shut down, like WTF!?! it was difficult at first because I had forgotten what it was like to be in class with boys, and it was difficult to be in class with them, they were a constant distraction, no not cause they were cute (which they weren’t) but because they are stupid boys in high school who say stupid things and do stupid things and they’re just stupid.



  • I’ve only been in one serious relationship in my life so if you ever see me post up something that pertains to love or relationships, don’t take my advice, I have no place to give relationship advice with my low level of experience in dating.
  • I live on east campus, which if you know how SIUs campus works…. you know this side of campus is always happenin’!



I hope you enjoy my blog, thank you to those of you who are nice enough to read this, you tha real MVP.

Love, Peace, and Chicken Grease

Esmeralda Valerio



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